Top Channel Live Albania’s Digital Media Mapping Project

digital-media-topchannellive-albaniaIn February 2012, a report on “Mapping Digital Media” was published by top channel live tv in Albania. This project was done by the Open Society Media program in the framework of the Mapping Digital Media format organised by top channel live media. In 60 countries, the changes in the landscape of the media were examined in depth. This project looked in particular at how news about social affairs, economic occurrences, and political activity were covered by the media system in place and how changes to the system could affect the democratic service that these agencies have typically rendered.

Additionally, background papers on on digital media’s key topics were included as well as the reports done on the individual countries. This collection forms the basis of the mapping digital media reference series. You can find related materials as well as the reference papers and the country report at this page: Top Channel Live.

Because the media landscape is continually changing, quick and constant updates of the most relevant information is required. That’s why the most relevant aspects of the places in the Albanian “Mapping Digital Media report as well as follow up articles on the latest developments are included within this section. The focus in the articles will be on reform in the regulatory authority, the imminent digital switchover, public broadcasting data, ongoing media reform in addition to other developments as they arrive.

An Overview Of Albania’s Online Media

albania_top-channel-mediaThe years 1999 and 2000 saw the first news websites established in Albania. In 1998 the first internet service providers (ISPs) were created. Early leaders were Abissnet and Adanet. Once these providers were open, the market was able to introduce internet services.

A high level of interest in using the World Wide Web led to rapid increases in user numbers. The first media actors to start using the internet were the traditional media who created their own online spaces early on in order to benefit from the available services and extract the clear advantages of an online presence. In 1999 and 2000 the first media website in the nation was started online by GazetaShqiptare, Shekulli, Koha Jonë, Korrieri and top channel live tv.

Currently the majority of local television and radio stations as well as local newspapers have a web presence in addition to the four national TV stations and the 22 national daily newspapers. In addition to these entities, individuals are providing online access to information and are growing and expanding on a daily basis.
In recent years online audiences have changed their preferences and approach to getting their news with the boom in social media. The Lion’s Share of the market has been captured by social media in terms of both the amount of time people spend on their website as well as the number of visitors The following 15 Albanian website rank ranked in the top 15 as of February 2013 according to

8 of the 15 top Albanian websites are either social media or global platforms.

topchannel-albania-websitesTraditional media in Albania capture an additional five of the top channel live websites.

The remaining two website have nothing to do with media and are authentic creations done by individuals. The video sharing platform YouTube and The Social Network Facebook have the top two slots on this ranking. From this it’s possible to infer that Albanians most frequently head to social media websites. These changes are worth more detailed study in order to develop a deeper comprehension of how Albanians approach the internet and how their online preferences are guided by their interest.